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All fonts are the properties of their respective owners. FontSupply.com does not claim ownership of any fonts available on the site. All fonts have been acquired by either being uploaded by the author or user, freeware, shareware, or a demo of the font.

All fonts available for download on this site are provided on an as is basis. There are no guarantees that the fonts will work. By downloading or installing a font from our site the user accepts all risks of any damages that may occur, including but not limited to loss of data, damage to hardware or software, or any profits lost. Fonts listed on our site have not been tested so the user is at their own risk. All fonts have been scanned with the latest antivirus software before uploading, but please make sure to virus scan each file before attempting to install, we are not responsible for viruses or other errors that occurs from downloading or installing font files from our site.

For further information about the author or font, download the font file and view the properties. Please contact the author of the font for any further information associated with the font.

FontSupply.com assumes that files presented to us by users are free for distribution. If you find a file that should not be distributed freely please let us know and we will remove the file.

All other files besides the font files are the property of FontSupply.com, these files include but are not limited to *.gif, *.jpg, *.html, *.htm, *.txt, and *.php files. Duplication of any of these files is strictly prohibited unless given consent by FontSupply.com.

This disclaimer along with other portions of the FontSupply.com website can change without notice. It is your responsibility as a user to keep up to date with our terms and policies.

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